Suppliers name and trade mark NIBE
Suppliers model identifier FLM
Specific energy consumption (SEC) for (average, cold, warm) kWh/(m2 a)
Average -15,5
Cold -33,4
Warm -5,2
Efficiency class E
Declared typology RVU, Unidirectional
Type of drive Variable speed drive
Type of heat recovery system none *
Thermal efficiency of heat recovery 0
Maximum flow rate m3/h 390
Electric power input at max flow rate W 155
Sound power level dB 51
Reference flow rate m3/s (m3/h) 0,0764 (275)
Reference pressure difference Pa 70
SPI W/(m3/h) 0,109
Control factor (CTRL) and control typology Clock control (0,95)
External leakage rates % < 3
Position and description of visual filter warning… see UHB
Instructions to install regulated supply/exhaust grilles in the facade see IHB
Internet address for pre-/disassembly instructions see IHB
The annual electricity consumption (AEC) per 100 m2 kWh/a 130
Annual heating saved (AHS) in primary energy
(average, cold, warm) per 100 m2 kWh prim / a
Average 1874
Cold 3667
Warm 848
* Heat recovery to the heat pump brine
circuit is not part af the definition