Model(s) CTC Elkassett EH12, 12kW 3x400V
Condensing boiler No
Eff class D
Low-temperature (**) boiler No
Controller No
B1 boiler No
Cogeneration space heater No
Electrical boiler Yes
Built in DHW No
Rated heat output Prated 12 kW
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency Ƞs 36 %
Annual energy consumption Q HE 22418 kWh
At rated heat output and hightemperature regime (*) P 4 12,0 kW
At rated heat output and high-temperature regime (*) η 4 39,17 %
Standby heat loss P stby 0,113 kW
In standby mode P SB 0,012 kW
(*) High-temperature regime means 60 °C return temperature at heater inlet and 80 °C feed temperature at heater outlet. (**) Low temperature means for condensing boilers 30 °C, for low-temperature boilers 37 °C and for other heaters 50 °C return temperature (at heater inlet).